Debuted at Small Press Expo on 9/16/17!!


The POC Portrait Coloring Book

 Filled with a diverse collection of portraits ready to color with no boundaries on your imagination. Multiple genders from different walks of life are put together for this coloring book fit for all ages to enjoy


 Stick Guy, Issue 1: Walk

Simon Sililoquy was born with figura lignum unum, commonly known as stickfigurism. Constantly, he must overcome normal everyday tasks that we take for granted. With the help of his friends and family, he becomes a beacon of hope for those coming to terms with being unconventional in a conventional world.



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Comic Book Flower Crowns

A beautiful combination of soft and boss. Made with real comic books and the sturdiness of faux greenery; the perfect fusion of a natural look and making a statement.  

ONE SIZE FITS ALL. EVERY CROWN IS UNIQUE. Your crown can be customized to focus on any comic book character available at an up to date local comic book store. All have a set of ribbons attached at the ends of the crown to fit any size head as well as easy adjustment.  


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Silk RIbbon Bridal Bouquet

MADE TO ORDER. PLEASE GIVE ME AT LEAST TWO MONTHS PRIOR TO WEDDING DATE.  Every bouquet comes with an embellishment. Bouquet is very heavy and quite large so I wouldn't recommend throwing it unless it's at someone who wasn't invited. I use a 12" Styrofoam ball and bouquet with complete customization to your theme. ADD HANDMADE FLOWERS MADE FROM COMICS OR BOOK PAGES for an extra fee. The Silk Ribbon Bridal Package comes with a bridal bouquet and a bridesmaid bouquet for a discounted price.


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Kanzashi Hairpins

Some made with real candy. Also included in my Space Themed Bundles.  If purchasing the TwoforTen, please let me know which 2 you would prefer in the notes about this order section. 


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Price listings is in order of pictures displayed. All are sized to be 13x19 inches with little to no boarder. 


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