Batman Bridal Bouquet

Should you want me to make you your very own, please send me your information and make sure your wedding is at least 2 months away. 

I've been searching high and low for things to add to my wedding and it's hard when you're a nerdy bride. Because my theme is Batman and Superman, I found it difficult to find anything Batman themed for the Bride! Sure, there's plenty out there for the groom, but not the bride. One of the things that I was adamant about was my bouquet which is inspired by my favorite hero, the Dark Knight.  


 When searching all over Pinterest, eBay, and the rest of the internet-verse there were so many things that neglected nerdy brides. You would think that with something as common as Batman you would have more, but instead I was left with a sea of mason jars and burlap. With a lot of this wedding, I had to make a lot of the Batman themed things for my side of the bridal party, of which I can now share with you so hopefully you can adapt it to your own wedding. 

For materials I used: 

*Comics (and they better not be of value, seriously.)

*A Possible ButtLoad of HotGlue/ Hot Glue Gun

*One Large Styrofoam Cone. I believe it's 17" 

*2 spools of 5/8th ribbon

*3 faux vine greenery

*Black Flowers of your choice, 1 Blue for your something blue

*One hallow Styrofoam hemisphere. The diameter of the one I chose is 12"


I began to wrap the ribbon starting from the smallest tip of the cone to the circular base. As I went along the cone, I made sure the ribbon would slightly overlap each other, so no Styrofoam would peak out. Because I knew this was already going to be a heavy piece, I did my best to use as little glue as possible so it doesn't add onto the weight. For the circular base of the cone, make sure you leave the middle free. This is where you will be connecting your hemisphere to your cone and having ribbon and glue obstructing it will cause you problems. 


For the hemisphere, I always begin these projects in the center, which is where the lovely blue rose Mr. Kiba picked out for me upon request, is sitting. From there I work in order from Flowers, then leaves, then embellishments. Once the blue rose was placed, I began working with comic book flowers only. Seeing how which flower set worked next to each other, making sure the smaller ones I made were never covered by larger ones. After all the comic flowers were places, I began with the black flowers, then the leaves to fill in the small holes in between the comic flowers.  

One both pieces were done, I added glue to the rim of the circular base of the cone. I don't put any in the middle.When placing the hemisphere to the cone base, grab a buddy to hold the base in place while you place the hemisphere on and wait until the glue is dry. Once the glue is dry, cut some wire and stab through the hemisphere into the cone for added stability.